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Syracuse, New York 1 comment

i have a friend at works that tells me he got the nfl package for free because he is a customer for less than a year . why can i get , i too am a customer for less than a year and it was not offered to me.i dont think that your customer service is fair to us all. please fix this problem or i will contact the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. i REALLY DON'T WANT TO GO TO COURT FOR THIS ACTION. So please rectify this problem, or i will seek other services with someone else. thank you for your attention


San Jose, California, United States #684066

would like to introduce a good site

have been one of regular customers for more than 2 years

no problem in quality and service

NFL Custom Jerseys - will not accept a return for a refund

Dallas, Texas 0 comments

I purchased an NFL jersey for my son.when I received the jersey it did not fit correctly and was not the quality I expected.

In going back to the website I realized that there was no contact phone # just an email, I emailed to get an authorizatio #, which the website states I need to return the shirt and I received an offer to replace the jersey for an additional $30 in shipping. I told them that I only want a refund and that the website gives you 45 days to return merchandise for said refund. They wrote back offering a discounted jersey.

I, again told them that I wanted a refund.They will not respond to my emails and will not give me the authorization number and shipping address.

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